How to Draw Chibi

A Chibi or commonly know as SD’s (Super Deformed character) is a type of Manga style famous for its one-of-a-kind anatomy. Learning how to draw a Chibi is really fun and easy.

In Japanese, the word “Chibi” means small. In Manga art however, the only small thing about the Chibi character is the body. The head, arms and feet of a Chibi character are big. Perhaps, this unusual shape of Chibi characters is the factor that exuberates their cuteness.

It should be noted that drawing Chibi style is quite flexible since you add as many or as little trimmings as you like.  Typically though, mangakas or manga artists often create chibi characters using simple lines.

Most Japanese comic books or Manga contains Chibi or SD characters. Although Chibi drawings look comical, there are still rules that should be regarded when drawing a Chibi.

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For instance, the length of the arms of the Chibi should not reach the top of its head. Grab a Manga and notice the similarities of Chibi characters.

The body of the Chibi character is usually two heads high. For most Mangas, Chibis wear clothing thats why a half-head allowance is given so the Mangaka can add shoes to the figure.

If you want to learn how to draw a Chibi, then grab a pencil and paper now!

The head is the first thing that you have to draw. The human head is divided into two parts, the upper and the lower skull.

In order to create a proportional Chibi character, you have to divide the head into two parts being the lower and upper skull.

Just the same with drawing other Manga characters, you have to create lines that will divide the parts of the head. These lines will help you position the elements on the Chibi’s face such as the eyes, hair, nose, mouth etc.

In any form of Manga, the most basic element is the eyes. In fact, a Manga character’s eyes are what define a certain drawing as being Manga or not.

A Chibi character’s eyes are usually comical. However, it is really up to the artist how he wants it to look like.

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The only rule to remember in learning how to draw a Chibi’s eyes is that it should be larger than non-Chibi characters.

To give more emphasis on the facial expression of your Chibi character, you can make the outlines of the eyes thicker and darker. You also have the option of adding lashes and coloring it to show where the light is coming from.

In drawing the head of the Chibi, the artist has the liberty to choose whatever shape he or she wants. You can be creative and make it as funny as you want it to be.

Most Manga characters have small noses but if you’ll observe Chibis, you’ll notice that there is not much emphasis on the nose. In fact, most Chibis have no noses. However, you can add facial expressions to your Chibi characters by rendering the look of the mouth.

The Chibi’s body doesn’t need a whole lot of detail compared to a regular Manga character. In drawing a Chibi, you can make it more comical by limiting the lines and details.  However, there are some that like to put additional details in clothing, accessories, etc.

If you want to have enough space to draw details in the Chibi’s body, then the 2-head measurement is ideal. It’s not as big as a regular Manga character but not very small which makes it hard for the artist to design.

All in all, drawing Chibi characters is a wonderful way of expressing yourself.  Through this form of Manga, you are able to create little characters fit for all ages.  Knowing how to draw Chibi is definitely a skill to be proud of.